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Parish News – June 2018

This month’s meeting was quite a busy one.  Two residents attended to talk about their recent conversation with Darren Tysoe and a police officer about traffic volumes through the village and how the A14 diversions are affecting the levels of traffic at night.  Cllr Tysoe is in contact with the A14 project team and there was some concern over the legality of diverting heavy traffic into a weight limited zone.  However, the police do not appear to want to enforce the limit.  It was also suggested that the current weight limit of 17 tonnes is very high and the PC agreed to make contact with Cambridgeshire Highways with a request to reduce this limit and get some guidance on how to enforce it.

In a separate move to reduce the speed of regular traffic through the village, some residents are preparing to gather evidence on speed and volume of traffic.  Volunteers will be needed to man a speedwatch programme and the PC will attempt to get information about how to get/borrow equipment to count traffic through the village.  It is worth noting that Speedwatch is an information system and not an enforcement programme.  At the moment volume will be affected by the road closures and the numbers of vehicles using the Ellingham/Grafham route through to the A1 South at Buckden.

There followed a brief discussion about an old bridleway which ran from the end of the Wyvern across Breach Road and down behind the caravan park to the Three Counties walkway.  The bridleway has been suspended for many years because of the MOD firing range which was in existence on the field to the north of the Wyvern.  The resident attending feels that the time has come to reinstate the bridleway in full and has asked the PC to help the process of requesting its reinstatement.  This item will be put on the next agenda, when more information is to hand the PC will be able make a decision on the issue.

Chair of the Cricket Club, Chris Dighton, attended to get an update on progress towards new arrangements for the maintenance of the cricket field.

The PC has received tenders from three contractors.  The PC will be checking that the necessary equipment is available together with appropriate insurance and that all relevant areas are identified before awarding the contract.  It was confirmed that the District Council is unwilling to provide this service even though there are areas which are owned by them.

In response to a request from the PC, Simon Johnson as an existing contractor with the PC was able to provide some emergency assistance in ensuring the playground was fit and safe for its purpose.  He also tidied up several of the most overgrown public areas.

Some grant fund opportunities have been identified for financial help in the resurfacing of the all-weather sport area.  These include Sport England and Amey.  It was agreed to set up a sub-committee to oversee the processes.

The PC has spoken with a tree surgeon about the management of trees on the border of the playing field and the back of properties in Haycraft Close.  It was suggested that a tree-thinning programme should be put in place as there are a large number of trees there and probably too many.  The PC would like to talk to residents of Haycraft to get their thoughts on which and how many trees should be removed.  I will be digging out the plan of the playing field as purchased by the PC so that we know where the boundaries are.

This is a reminder that dogs, leashed or unleashed, are prohibited from the playing field and the children’s playground for health and safety reasons.  Larger and more clear signs will be purchased and a further dog waste bin will be placed in the village hall car park.  It will be possible for people to walk their dogs on the east side of the village hall and past the Community Shop through to the edges of the playing field.

Contact details for your Parish Council are as shown below.  It was suggested that the Parish Council set up a Facebook page for people to talk to the Council.  Clair Hodder will be investigating this – if you have any comments please address Claire direct.

The contact details for your councillors are as follows:

Philip Allingham                [email protected]

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Ian Gardener                     [email protected]

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Claire Hodder                    [email protected]

David Russell                      [email protected]

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