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Parish News – May 2018

This month there were two meetings of the Parish Council on the same evening.  The first was the Annual Parish Meeting which is for the villagers to attend and raise any items they want addressed.

On the agenda for this meeting is the annual report of the Chair which itemises the Council’s spending for the year just ended and it plans for the forthcoming year.  This report can be found on the village website.

Also put to the assembly is the annual report of County Councillor – Mr Peter Downes who noted that our main concerns are traffic-related, in particular the speed of traffic through the village.  Mr Downes’ report can be seen on the village website.

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council was held after the Parish Assembly.  Once again, we are grateful to Philip Allingham for standing as Chair of the Council.  He was re-elected unanimously.

The major part of the discussion at the meeting was the loss of Martin Clayton and his work in mowing playing field, playground and various verges.  Martin’s mower has broken and he is not inclined to carry on his work in the village.  It falls therefore, to the Parish Council to appoint a new contractor.  This will be undertaken as quickly as possible.

The playground equipment has had its annual inspection by RoSPA and there are no major repairs required.  Some areas which require some attention will be attended to by the company who supplied the equipment.  However, please be re-assured that there is no dangerous disrepair.

White-lining the road at the junction of Van Diemens and Brampton Road was discussed and it was agreed to apply for funding to cover the cost of the work.

David Russell recently met with our local farmer to discuss the farmer’s concern that the new church pathway has encroached on farm land in contravention of Natural England rules.  This is a matter for the church to resolve.  However, the state of some of our footpaths was mentioned and there was agreement to firm up some of the footpaths to make them useable.

The Council is pleased to be able to report that the proposal to sell open space in Meadowground has been dropped and there are now no plans for the development of this space.

The contact details for your councillors are as follows:

Philip Allingham                [email protected]

Jo Dunn                                [email protected]

Ian Gardener                     [email protected]

Roy Harold                          [email protected]

Claire Hodder                    [email protected]

David Russell                      [email protected]

Alastair Watson                [email protected]


Margaret Life

Parish Clerk

o780 119311  

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