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Parish News – September 2018

Back again after the summer break and this month’s Council meeting was attended by the traffic watch team who brought an update to their activities.  All their volunteers are now trained in using the speedwatch system and monitoring will commence asap.  Watch for news of any meetings of the group if you want to take part.  Alternatively contact Chris Bulow at 6 Chestnut Close.  The Parish Council agreed to purchase the required signs for the system  (3 signs at £75 each).   The idea of a convex mirror placed at the blind bend on Buckden/Breach Roads is not workable.  These mirrors cannot be placed on the highway and are considered a potential glare hazard.  Problems with insurance claims can result where the use of a mirror has been involved.  The A14 group have not yet provided details of the positioning of a camera, but we expect to hear an update within two weeks.  The A14 is to be closed for the next 30 days.  We now have signs concerning the unsuitability of our roads for HGVs and have seen some improvement to this problem.  There are, however, still some large lorries coming through and there is some road damage as a result.  This damage has been reported but the hole is not considered deep enough to require repair.  The placing of diversion signs is still causing confusion as to what type of diversion is in place, when is the diversion effective and who is responsible for the placing of the signs.  Anglian Water have indicated their willingness to offer any help we might need.

Members of the committee of the Trout at Grafham attended to request a grant from the PC S137 fund to cover the purchase of sanitary ware.

Cllr Darren Tysoe attended and discussed the HDC local plan which sets out the Council’s plan for housing growth in the area.  There appears to be no massive impact on our village, but the plan is open for consultation until 27 September.  Please see the District Council website for further information.  Changes are to be made in the way phone calls are taken by the District Council.  Calls will be taken via a menu system.  Customer services will confirm any conversation to the caller and provide return calls.  Other improvements are under discussion.

Cllr Peter Downes joined the meeting and advised of another round of spending cuts and a £7m overspend on children’s services.

Cllr Downes also mentioned that a self-help group from Brampton will be working in the Brampton Lane on 23rd September at 2.30pm to cut back dangerously overhanging trees.  Anyone from Grafham who is willing to help would be very welcome.  If you want to help, just turn up with a high-viz jacket, some secateurs and tough gloves.

Signs concerning the exercising of unleashed dogs on the playing field have been renewed and placed prominently.  We hope that people will respect these signs.  Please also note that the fouling of the field by dogs is an offence, dangerously unhealthy and socially unacceptable.  The Council will purchase a dog-waste bin for siting in the vicinity of the playing field and pay for the disposal of any contents.

The grant for the resurfacing of the all-weather court has been agreed and the PC will be considering three quotes for the work.

Following the public forum discussions on traffic safety, the Parish Council set up a sub-committee with delegated authority to act on behalf of the Council.  The committee will involve Councillors Claire Hodder, David Russell and Roy Harold.

The Council will be looking at the possibility of drawing up a Parish Plan or Neighbourhood Plan.  Cllr Ian Gardener will be arranging for an advisor to come and talk at a meeting and to discuss the pros, cons and costs of such a plan. St Neots, Godmanchester and Houghton & Wyton have formulated such plans.

Anglian Water has submitted an application to the District Council (Ref: 18/01746/CLPD) which proposes the installation of solar panels around the wall under the dam around the water on the Grafham side.  It’s not clear whether this is considered “permitted development” or if it is a planning application.  If you have an opinion on the visual effect of solar panels around the water, please take the time to express it on the District Council’s planning site.  The Parish Council have not been involved at this stage and have not been requested to express a view.

The date of the next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for 9th October 2018 at 7.30pm in the village hall.  Please feel free to attend.



The contact details for your councillors are as follows:

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