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Parish News – November 2017

Grafham PC received a visit from a Buckden Councillor at the last meeting.  Mr Emeleus discussed his interest in restoring the camping field in Church Road and re-opening the field for tents.  Before going too far ahead, Mr Emeleus is keen to understand Grafham village’s thoughts on the proposal.  There is currently no camping for tents around the water, as the field in question has been unused since the Caravan & Camping Club took control of the camp-site for caravans only.  The Parish Council were interested to hear this proposal and expressed no opposition to it.

Grafham Community Shop has applied to the Parish Council for a grant to help with the purchase of another freezer in the shop.  £1100 was granted under s137 of the Local Authorities Act.

Further to the issues surrounding trees at the edge of the playing field and their proximity to houses in Haycraft Close, the Parish Council has received the following advice from a tree surgeon:

The trees are too far away from the houses to cause subsidence given their present size and it is doubtful that the roots would reach the houses at all. If house owners have concerns, they need to dig a small trench along the side of the house. Asked if he felt that any of the trees needed anything doing to them, for example pollarding, and he said not. 

The Council will request a report to confirm the above.

The Council are still trying to source appropriate signs which will prohibit unleashed dogs and dog-fouling on the cricket field.  In the meantime, please be aware of the dangers of dog-fouling and clean up after your dog when necessary.

Established footpaths are still being ploughed up, despite requests to the farmer concerned and letters from residents to the County Council.  The Parish Council will be registering an official complaint to the County Council, not only about the damage to footpaths, but their total lack of response to requests to reinstate the footpaths.

The date of the next PC meeting is 19th December 2017  at the village hall at 7.30pm

Margaret Life

Parish Clerk


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