Latest Parish News


The Parish Council has now entered its new financial year.  The reports on finances and activities for the year just ended and budgets for the forthcoming year will soon be available to view on the village website.  Alternatively you can come to the Annual Parish Assembly in the village hall at 7.30pm on 16th May 2017 where these reports will be available to view and discuss.  The accounts will be audited before they are posted to the village website.

There was a query about recent notices which had been posted around the village concerning local public footpaths.  Unfortunately, they did not stay up long enough to enable a proper view of what they were and how any footpaths may or may not be affected.  The Council will attempt to get copies of the notices so that they may be discussed properly.

The Council will be buying new notices for erection at the playing field concerning access for dogs.  For clarification, no unleashed dogs are allowed on the field.  Please observe this rule, it is for the safety of everyone.

There was considerable concern over the dreadful state of the footpath at the top of Breach Road which has been “repaired” and left in a very dangerous condition for wheelchair users especially.  The Council will attempt to get the work redone and for the footpath to be safe to use.

Date of next meeting is 16th May 2017 and it will be held directly after the Parish Assembly, 7.30pm at the village hall.  We would love to see you there.

Margaret Life – Parish Clerk is  07780 119311