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Parish News – December 2018

The Chair of the Community Shop attended to give a promised update on the finances of the Shop.  A positive message this time – sales for November were ahead of budget and good for the time of year and the volunteer coverage also increased.  The Shop has also been short-listed for some grant funds from Skipton Building Society and Aviva.   Several people have set up regular contributions to the shop for which the shop committee are very grateful.  The message remains “Please use the shop as much as possible – come in and discuss what you would like to see in stock – come in and volunteer.”

Also under discussion were required repairs to the all-weather facility.  The cost of repairs is met from a fund set up out of the receipts for its use.  The fencing has been deliberately damaged again and there is a reluctance to keep paying for the costs of repairs where the damage is deliberate.  It seems that, rather than walk round the court to retrieve footballs, the chosen route is through the fence.  Consideration was given to actually providing another gate at that end.  It was agreed to pay for a further repair to a broken metal bar.

A considerable amount of hedgerow cutting has taken place along one side of the Brampton Lane and it has made quite a difference to visibility and ease of travel.  Hopefully, the hedges on the other side will soon receive similar treatment.

The Parish Council have purchased and installed a dog-waste bin in the grounds of the village hall car park.  However, it is full already and there has been some difficulty in arranging for the disposal of the contents (at a cost).  We await a response from the District Council.

Speedwatch sessions are still taking place (thanks to the team) and Community Speedwatch signs have been installed.

Thanks to David Russell who took the time to prepare and present the case for traffic calming within Grafham to the Local Highways Improvement panel. The data gathered by the Speedwatch team and A14 Team’s traffic monitor provides clear evidence of speeding in and out of the Buckden end of the village, whereas the evidence also shows there is little problem of speeding along Breach Road. The proposed traffic calming measures comprise a 40 mph buffer zone, “dragons teeth” painted on the road and a MVAS speed indicator. We do not expect to get any decision until April next year.

The meeting was attended by Cllrs Peter Downes and Darren Tysoe.  As usual their reports can be found in full on the village website.

Worth a mention here is a potential plan for a proposal by Hinchingbrooke School to change its admissions criteria.  A letter has been sent out to parents explaining the proposed changes which could possibly mean that your children will not get an automatic place at the school.  The Parish Council would like to understand your views on this situation to be able to assess whether or not to express an opinion or objection on your behalf.  If you do not have a copy of this letter and would like one, please contact the clerk.

Christmas may have come and gone by the time you get this message, but the Council wishes you all a Happy New Year and trust that you had a peaceful Christmas.

The contact details for your councillors are as follows:

Philip Allingham                [email protected]

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David Russell                      [email protected]

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