Grafham Road Safety Campaign

A group of concerned villagers are looking what traffic calming and other measures are open to us in an attempt to improve the road safety here; something which our recent online survey and the village meeting last night (3rd July) shows seems to be a real cause for concern for the village.

The speed that vehicles travel is an ongoing problem whilst the recent A14 diversions have brought a large increase in traffic as well as HGVs using our roads as a rat-run.

We’re also aware that there are separate initiatives already being worked on via the PC (a proposed 20mph limit for example) and Councillor Darren Tysoe’s work on reducing HGV limits in the area, but we believe that all of these ideas are complementary and dove-tail very neatly under the general banner of ‘improving road safety and resident/visitor welfare in our rural village’. We are also firmly of the belief that the road bumps/humps idea is one that we’re not thinking of revisiting (as we know this was of concern to a number on the council and in the village).

We’ve also undertaken traffic audits over the course of the past couple of weeks with our volunteers so we now have some hard data available to backup our case for action

We’re hoping that, with this information and backing from the YOU, our concerned residents, we’ll be able to persuade the village that Grafham (and the Parish Council) have a good case to ask the local authority and the A14 legacy fund for money to help us get the best measures implemented.

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Let’s work together to improve road safety in Grafham!

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